Whether you’re a professional landscaper, or a weekend DIYer, you’ll find everything you need to perfect your property. At Alpine Soil Mart, you’ll find top quality compost, topsoil, garden mix, and gravel that you can pick up by the yard or by the bag. We can also deliver the material to your site or home, and with our 18-foot slinger trucks, we can place the product¬†almost anywhere… saving you time, money, and hard work.

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1045 Dunford Ave, Langford
2250 McGarrigle, Nanaimo

Our soils and compost is produced from RDN kitchen scraps collection program. It’s fertile and environmentally friendly…quite simply, there’s no better way to grow.

We Offer:

  • Topsoil and garden mix
  • Compost
  • Gravel & Road Base
  • Pick up or delivery
  • Small and large orders
  • Friendly service and competitive prices